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Coed 4's (1 girl minimum), except where noted

$70 per team for 4's ($10 discount if paid 10 days in advance)

6 game guarantee (pool play w/tournament)

Tournament t-shirts & trophies to the winner



A+ = Adv. Upper (collegiate level)

A- = Adv. Lower

B+ = Intmd. Upper

B- = Intmd. Lower

C+ = Rec. Upper

C- = Rec. Lower (fun division)

Jr's = Coed, Girls-advanced, Girls-beginner


A+, B+, B- (grass)


C+, C-, Jr's (grass)

2's-coed / short court (grass)


Registration?  We only accept pre-paid registrations on the website or a direct payment via paypal. No over the phone or "hold" me a spot registrations are accepted. All registrations are first come first serve! All divisions are capped, so do not delay.  

What do I need?  All you need is 3 friends or 1 for doubles. You are going to want sunscreen, plenty of water and snacks, a chair, and a tent or something for shade. Food and drink are available for purchase.

Why play an outdoor tournament?  It is fun! You will improve your volleyball skills because you are guaranteed to play. All team members will play and there is no sitting on the bench.


How are teams made?  You get to choose who you want to play with for the day. We do not make teams for you.


Will there be food or drinks?  Sports drinks and concessions (hamburgers, hotdogs, ect.) for sale. Additionally there is a restaurant & tiki-bar located 100-feet from the courts (adult beverages & meals).  


How long does the tournament last?  Most divisions take about 6-7 hours total. Pool play takes about 5 hours and playoffs take an additional 1-2 hours.

How many games do we play?  You are guaranteed 6-games. Each team will be assigned to a net in their same division or skill level. You will play each team 1 or 2 times, depending on the size of your pool.


Playoffs?  All teams (except last-place) advance to the single elimination playoffs in the 4's divisions. For 2's we take the top teams from each pool. 

What do we win?  Tournament t-shirts, trophies, and bragging rights for the winners of each division.  



Located in Western PA, near PA's largest natural lake.

Tursky Tavern & Grill (formerly Walt's / 1-mile from the Park)

11780 State Highway 618

Conneaut Lake, PA 16316


- 1:00 Youngstown/Warren

- 1:20 Pittsburgh, PA

- 1:30 Cleveland, OH

- 1:45 Akron, OH

- 2:15 Buffalo, NY

- 3:00 Columbus, OH

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